The most sought-after seafood in Sydney

The most sought-after seafood in Sydney

Uncut Seafood Delicatessen —

A modern, elevated, health-conscious approach to seafood in the heart of Bondi.

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Uncut Seafood Delicatessen —

Our Story

Run by a family of fourth-generation fishmongers, Uncut Seafood Delicatessen is an upmarket seafood shop and kitchen in Bondi.

Siblings Nic Lucas, Jack and Kaitlin Lucas are behind the operation, which sources seafood directly from Aussie fishermen and the Sydney Fish Market and presents it in a stunning retail space with quartzite counters, glazed tiles, and brass details.

The pristine delicatessen space shows off fish hanging in glass fridges, with an oyster shucking station, a sashimi bench, and glistening fish on ice to check out before taking home.

Gone are the days of heavy, fried fish dishes. Instead, prepare your palate for an elevated seafood experience that prioritises freshness, flavour, and nutritional value.

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Handpicked from top suppliers, our extensive selection features a variety of premium catches, each representing unbeatable freshness and quality. Enhance your dining experience with our diverse range of top-notch seafood, perfectly tailored to satisfy the discerning tastes of Sydney’s esteemed customers.